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Today, we supported the education of 20000 children born in poor families cross 12 undeveloped countries over the world . in the future, our goals are

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This lockdown has been so tough for so many, and our service is stretched to the max..
Which reminded me of an old saying:
“After the storm comes the rainbow” 
Today I had a rainbow in the form of a gorgeous and generous little lady named Olivia, she has been saving her pocket money to donate to those in need and her mum Carina matched her dollar for extra dollar.. They deposited $150 into the SM account which will be used towards hand warmers and food for our street friends.. When times are tough, always look for the rainbow! Thank you Olivia you truly are an angel and the glowing light at the end of the rainbow. Your mum must be so proud, I know I am. Cheers Chris (photo and story used with permission from awesome mum Carina, who is raising a beautiful, caring, loving and thoughtful daughter). Just shows that every cent counts.

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We were able to feed our street friends just in time!! Thank you for making our hot food, pizza, garlic bread and salad. It’s great having your support and thank you to the Streetmed team, you do amazing work every week!

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